Training Services

Astrid Classroom Alternate

I embrace and harness the power of group learning by leading workshops and training sessions that are designed to take your leaders to the next level. My sessions start with teaching participants how to adopt a positive mindset and then teach skills through a variety of interactive modalities include live coaching, hands-on practice and role-playing so that participants can immediately apply their newly-acquired knowledge and skills.

My clients include music conservatories, universities, music festivals, arts organizations and arts leadership programs, as well as career transition programs for business professional who are ready to give back and leverage their business skills in the service of mission-driven work.

Workshops and training sessions are offered both on a customized basis as well as on topics including:

In this workshop, we explore how to tap into the mindset of success, examine the 3 key elements of intrinsically-motivating goals and then learn the process of setting and achieving inspiring career goals.
This workshop helps participants tap into their strengths and passions and define their life purpose in order to create career success both in transition, as well as in one’s professional life.
This workshop equips young professional musicians with financial literacy and planning skills so that they can create sustainable professional careers in the arts.
In this workshop, participants discover the importance of branding, learn the 4-step process of creating a powerful personal brand and learn how to apply their brands in their careers.
In this workshop, we learn the principles of effective and effortless networking and practice our new networking skills through various role-plays.
This workshop helps musicians and arts leaders to project themselves confidently and powerfully into the world by learning the growth mindset, emotional intelligence and confidence-building strategies.
This workshop explores how to overcome performance anxiety and the voice of the inner critic through a variety of strategies grounded in positive psychology.
This workshop teaches how to how to craft, prepare for and deliver a great speech so that arts leaders and musicians can engage their audiences through dynamic public speaking.
In this workshop, participants learn how to leverage the 4 different communication styles and then acquire the skills of delivering persuasive messages and fostering dialogue.
This workshop teaches the 5 different conflict management styles and strategies and the principles of negotiation so that arts leaders can prevent and manage conflicts that inevitably arise in the course of their work.
This workshop teaches the principles of values-based prioritization, time management and productivity so that arts leaders can focus on achieving their important long-term goals.

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