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Vice President World Service UK


I loved Astrid's great balance of positivity and structure. Astrid helped me gain confidence and perspective. As a result of her coaching, I gained valuable self-awareness that allowed me to make effective changes easily. I got a promotion recently and I credit Astrid with helping me get an exciting new position. I really appreciated her professional knowledge, but her humanity and empathy make her a great coach.

I had a stressful job and wasn't sure how to make changes at work and in my life to find more career satisfaction and a balanced lifestyle. I was looking for a coach who understood the work environment I was experiencing. Astrid's real world experience made her assistance more relevant to me. I had already done thinking about my career, but Astrid helped me turn thoughts into actions and clarify what I wanted. She is empathetic and positive, but also helps provide structure.

— Jill G., London, England, Vice President World Service UK, American Express


Attorney and ??????

There seem to be an infinite number of resources available to people looking to make career changes these days, and I think I looked into most of them before I met Astrid. Numerous books advised me to do what I loved.  That sounded good, except that I didn’t know what I loved. A career test provided some insight and long lists of possibly compatible jobs, but ultimately directed me to do what I loved - back to square one.  Another career coach, dispensing with frivolities like love, laid out a practical approach to a career path that objectively made some sense, but I knew in my heart that I would hate it.  I felt deficient for not knowing what I loved, unreasonable for rejecting a sensible path that didn’t appeal, and in general, completely hopeless about my situation.

Assistant Director at Pace University Encore Transitions Program (2)

Astrid's Designing Your Encore Life workshop at Pace University gave me both practical and psychological insights and helped me manage my transition in ways that were unexpected and highly positive. The possibilities of an Encore life were overwhelming to me and, despite my years of corporate employment law, I was now unfocused. Who was I? What had I done that was transferable? What was it I wanted to transfer? What did I really want or think I wanted?

Astrid's workshop required me to answer those questions and more. She asked about core values, interests, tolerances, passions, work and life experience. She listened carefully to the answers many of the students volunteered, and gave concrete suggestions as to how to develop a plan to move forward in a meaningful way. She did not offer one solution to fit all but, rather, paid careful attention to the needs and desires of each student who chose to share. The experience was empowering.

—Constance Harris, Assistant Director, Pace University Encore Transitions Program

Are you ready to take charge of your life and experience authentic success?

Then you have come to the right place! As a coach, I share my passion for excellence and authenticity in the service of my mission: to inspire and empower you to live a life of genuine personal, professional and creative success.

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