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Clients Say...

Clarinetist and Juilliard Graduate

I loved the fact that you made people get out of their comfort zone and share things with the group that they would otherwise have not done. That is something that I admire a lot, and you have a great gift for being able to do that! Bravo!

— VD, New York, NY

Pianist, DMA and Juilliard Faculty Member

Astrid is one of the most inspiring people I know, having been incredibly successful in both her first career as a lawyer and her family life, while maintaining one of the most upbeat, optimistic, and forward-thinking personalities out there.

— MS, New York, NY



"Astrid has turned around the way I look at my career in the most extraordinary way.  I used to think that the professional part of what I do was very separate from the creative and deeply personal aspects of being a composer.  Going after professional opportunities to get my music out there felt to me like a very daunting task--one that I found a little distasteful because it felt like "selling myself."  Astrid really helped me realize that building a career has to come from the most genuine part of myself--in the same way as building a piece.  With this understanding, the professional world looks much less scary to me now, and I'm able to reach out to my professional network with the courage of my conviction, and with the kind of personal investment and care that makes professional experiences deeply meaningful.  Career building is about believing in what you do, and its validity; it is about communication and courage.  It only works if it feels true to who you are.
With her supportive and positive attitude combined with her incredible sensitivity and intelligence, Astrid has created for me a wonderful safe space to discover how I want to develop my goals from the inside out.  I have found in her a true kindred spirit as well as a powerful ally and coach."

— Hannah L., New York, NY


Are you ready to take charge of your life and experience authentic success?

Then you have come to the right place! As a coach, I share my passion for excellence and authenticity in the service of my mission: to inspire and empower you to live a life of genuine personal, professional and creative success.

Astrid's Blog

Managing Transitions for Music Entrepreneurs: Articulate Your Fears To Generate Solutions
With the end of the school year fast approaching, our students are leaving Yale to pursue new ventures, including doctoral programs, joining a military band, studying abroad, and starting their new careers in the freelance world. These external changes signal the process of transition: an internal process that people go through and the emotions that they experience when faced with change. While change is exciting and presents new opportunities, it is also scary and can also generate feelings of ...
The Power of Yet: How Music Entrepreneurs Are Inspired to Create Long-Term Success
I greatly admire the groundbreaking work of Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University, who lays out her research on the type of mindset that leads to success in her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.   Dr. Dweck identifies two mindsets:  the growth mindset and the fixed mindset. Those with a growth mindset do not simply rely on "talent" but instead face challenges by digging in, working hard and doing whatever it takes to create success. The growth mindset inspires r...
Innovation in the Arts: What the Olympics and Happy Hour Can Teach Us About Audience Development
How could the Olympics and Happy Hour possibly help lead to a solution on how to attract more audiences to classical music? This was the topic of a fascinating workshop that I led last weekend at the Juilliard School Leadership Retreat on The 21st Century Artist as Entrepreneur and Innovator. My goal?  To tap into the creativity of today's bright young artists and come up with fresh ideas on how to expand the place of the arts in our culture.  For starters, we discussed how art...
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