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Clients Say...

Musician, So Percussion


"Aside from her practical and hands-on approach to building a brand, Astrid explodes with energy at every turn, inspiring you to sit up and take notice of every word she says.  I have to say, I work with passionate people in the arts on a daily basis, and I have never come across anyone so genuinely excited to help people seek their highest potential.  Yes, my experience with Astrid has been tied to the music business side of the world, but her energy, skills, and practices can and should be applied to anyone seeking to be employed doing the thing they love to do."

— Josh Quillen, So Percussion; Bard University; New York University


Associate Director of Development, Houston Grand Opera

I’ve spent countless hours in mediocre professional development settings, chocked full of “buzz-words,” that like a gourmet meal, leave you temporarily sated, but then hungry for substance. Astrid was the exception. The sessions spent with her have left me completely inspired and armed with relevant techniques on time management, conflict resolution, how to tap into my areas of passion and strength, the ability to identify personality types and deal with them effectively, and knowledge of my life purpose. Since working with her, I have made great strides in my communication with colleagues, effectiveness in the office, and feel happier about my life overall. I give Astrid my highest recommendation to anyone who is fortunate enough to consider working with her. Do not pass up this opportunity!

—David Krohn, Associate Director of Development, Houston Grand Opera

Attorney at Amlaw 100 firm

My colleagues and I benefited immensely from Astrid's communications and branding workshops.  She established a great rapport with our group so that everyone felt comfortable discussing their strengths, weaknesses and individual styles of communication.  Astrid provided specific and concrete tools for creating a unique brand that was meaningful to both very junior and very senior lawyers.  We left each session with individualized feedback and energized to take the next steps in our careers.  We will definitely invite Astrid back for more programs!’

— Amanda R, Associate, Covington & Burling LLP NYC

Are you ready to take charge of your life and experience authentic success?

Then you have come to the right place! As a coach, I share my passion for excellence and authenticity in the service of my mission: to inspire and empower you to live a life of genuine personal, professional and creative success.

Astrid's Blog

Financial Literacy for Music Entrepreneurs: Get Creative with Multiple Revenue Streams
Music Entrepreneurs play in a rapidly changing environment where the traditional opportunities for musicians are extremely competitive and hard to come by. So how can today's musicians make a living from their art?It starts with financial literacy, a basic and indispensable teachable skill. Smart musicians follow 2 basic rules when considering how to make a living from their art:1. Think expansively about your sources of income 2. Have multiple revenue streamsLet's examine how these two concep...
Get the Most From Your Practicing: How Music Entrepreneurs Use the Growth Mindset for Optimal Results
Do you feel stuck in the practice room? You are not alone!  All those hours of practicing can be frustrating and make you feel that you will never make it as a musician in the professional world. Enter the growth mindset, one of the most powerful concepts to help music entrepreneurs achieve success.  The growth mindset is the brainchild of Dr. Carol Dweck whose research shows us that how you perceive your talent and intelligence has a powerful impact on how successful you are.  ...
How Music Entrepreneurs Stay Positive: 4 Mindset Strategies to Help Through Tough Times
My coaching groups at Yale are going strong! Students appreciate having a confidential forum where they can share successes and challenges with a trusted group of peers and learn new strategies for creating sustainable careers.With the semester winding down in a few weeks, our students, especially those who are graduating, are finding it a challenge to keep their spirits up in the face of their many commitments. Last week, we examined what it takes to stay positive when the going gets tough...
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