2021 Events

July 13 & 19, 2021
Norfolk Chamber Music Festival/Yale School of Music
The Art of Career Planning Post-COVID: Set Yourself up for Success
Time Management for Musicians and Arts Leaders

July 20, 2021
So Percussion Summer Institute Virtual Collaborative SoSI
The Art of Career Planning in Uncertain Times: Set Yourself up for Success

July 22, 2021
Karen Slack’s #KiKiConvos
Creativity in the Post-COVID World
Live on #KikiConvos Facebook page at 8 PM EDT

August 14-17 & 19, 2021
Opera America Leadership Intensive, New York, NY
The Art of Empowered Leadership

Fall Semester 2021 Yale School of Music
Music 621: Fostering Collaborative Creativity and Innovation to Advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Classical Music

November 9, 2021
Women in Classical Music Symposium
Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Getting Ahead Without Losing Yourself