Creativity and Entrepreneurship: Heart, Hustle and Humor

If you have ever wondered about creativity and entrepreneurship, I invite you to listen to Dr. Theresa Ashby interviewing me on her podcast, Heart, Hustle and Humor.

Theresa is an entrepreneur whose company, Kaleidoscope Media Services is out to help 100,000 entrepreneurs grow their businesses through e-learning and on-line communities. Her podcast probes what entrepreneurs love doing, how they grow their business, and how humor plays a role in their success. I am honored to be included on her roster!

The podcast grows out of my book, Creative Success Now: How Creatives Can Thrive in the 21st Century and my recent TEDx talk, Cracking the Code on Creativity: The Secret to Full-Blast Living.  Our interview explores the “heart, hustle and humor” of my experience as an entrepreneur who has built a business teaching and coaching creatives how to be successful.

The “Heart” of Creativity and Entrepreneurship

In the “heart” section of our interview, we explore my transition from being a lawyer to launching my business.  I discuss the four stages of creative problem solving: problem clarifying, structured brainstorming, idea development and implementation. Indeed, all four of these concepts are highly relevant in today’s workplace. We also talk about flow and how I overcame my perfectionism on the piano through The Artist’s Way program.

The “Hustle” of Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Turning to the “hustle”, I define the term to mean the hard work you put in to growing your business. As an example, I discuss how I wrote and practiced my TEDx talk. I solicited a lot of feedback-some of it painful!  I persevered until I was ready to present my talk to the world with confidence and conviction. I am thrilled that my TEDx talk is featured on the main TED website and that the number of views is growing exponentially each day!

The “Humor” of Creativity and Entrepreneurship

As for “humor”, it helps to laugh at your setbacks and use them as a learning experience. In fact, I define entrepreneurs as people who are never done and who constantly strive to learn and grow. Moreover, you have to enjoy what you do and embrace the concept of full-blast living. That’s why I love combining creativity and entrepreneurship!

Creativity and Full-Blast Living

We conclude with my definition of full-blast living: mining the depths of life, with its beauty, its challenges, and its ups and downs, so that you are living life to the fullest. This is in line with my mission to spread creativity throughout the world so that we all can experience full-blast living.

Thank you, Theresa, for allowing me to share my views on creativity and entrepreneurship!