Top Tips for Managing Your Portfolio Career: Embrace the 4 P’s of the Entrepreneurial Mindset

I have been collaborating with iCadenza, a fantastic resource that helps musicians think like business people and grow as artists. I am honored to have been included in iCadenza’s most recent blog post on “How to Manage a Portfolio Career: 7 Arts Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips.”

My advice to successfully manage your music portfolio career?

Start with adopting the mindset of the music entrepreneur!

Here’s my advice:

Having a music portfolio career is exhilarating and liberating as you chart your own course in the music world.  It can also be exhausting as you juggle multiple projects, revenue streams, deadlines, collaborators and other pressing demands on your time.  The start of how to manage yourself and get the most from your music portfolio career is to have the right mindset around your career.

What does that mindset look like?

Here are the 4 elements of the mindset of the music entrepreneur, summed up by the 4 Ps:

  • Passion,
  • Positivity,
  • Perseverance, and
  • Proactivity.

You can learn to master the 4 Ps by…

  • Tapping into your Passion for music and remembering that you chose to make a living from your passion
  • Adopting a positive attitude to access yourself at your optimal best and inspire you to create your success
  • Persevering and being resilient in the face of challenges, risks, and mistakes and learning from your setbacks so that you can figure out how to address your challenges and continue to grow and improve
  • Being proactive by spotting and creating opportunities for your portfolio career and taking action no matter what.

With the 4 Ps, you will experience optimism and a sense of possibility as you embrace your music portfolio career, tackle your obstacles and make your career work for you!

You can read more about the 4 Ps here.

For the other 6 terrific tips, check out the rest of the iCadenza blog post!