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How to Elevate Your Career: Create Your Leadership Support Team

After almost two years in a pandemic, how are you feeling about your career? You have probably spent a lot of time in remote meetings, working from home, and not being able to have live interactions with colleagues and professional contacts. It can feel frustrating and isolating. And it can lead to burnout. That’s why it helps to have your support …

Input: When does it all come together so that you can figure out your career path?

There is a strength called Input.  It comes from the Gallup Strengths Assessment called StrengthsFinder 2.0.

Input is the way someone learns and uses knowledge and information. People who are strong in input collect information and call it up when they need it.  Input people enjoy learning in order to use the information.  They will read enough to get the idea and store it away, as opposed to learners who are fascinated with the process of learning and will delve into things deeply.

Input is a strength because input people tend to make interesting and novel connections between seemingly disparate pieces of information.

I know this strength well because it is one of my top strengths.   I find that a lot of my clients have this strength as well.