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The Musician’s Elevator Pitch: How To Connect Authentically and Effectively

One of the things I love about the music world is that it is still a people business. We have not outsourced the face-to-face contact that is so vital to making great music and sharing it with live audiences. It is no surprise, then, that successful musicians know the art of networking: a combination of using your head to be …

Networking for Music Entrepreneurs: Using Emotional Intelligence to Connect and Build Your Network

I enjoy teaching networking because it involves complex relationship building skills and requires a high degree of emotional intelligence. Rather than thinking of networking as trying to “get” something from others, it is, instead, a powerful way to make new business friends and expand your circle so that you can create a mutually-supportive community. At the heart of networking is …

Your Elevator Speech: The Key to Connecting Effectively and Effortlessly

Networking is one of the key tools that can make the difference between a good career and a great career.  Many people shy away from networking or fumble around when meeting new people because they do not know what to say about themselves.   They are missing an opportunity to connect with the very people whom need them! The secret is in crafting a short and powerful “elevator speech”.