“Coaching with Astrid has been an essential part of making several important artistic and personal break-throughs, clarifying my unique strengths and helping to reveal a stronger more confident artistic voice.  Our coaching sessions helped me simplify the issues, create a manageable course of action, and most importantly find out more about who I am, use my strengths and work to improve my weaknesses or simply get help where I need it in order to move forward.
Astrid is an incredible listener and really absorbs what I’m saying and provides feedback and suggestions that I would have never considered. She is able to be objective and see the big picture, which facilitates a way to see your situation from the outside and consider new options and strategies. Plus Astrid is so incredibly quick and knowledgeable as a coach, that coaching sessions flow seamlessly and progress from one to the next. Astrid’s coaching is sensitive and specific to my particular situation and goals. At every moment during our sessions she is assessing my progress and suggesting ideas and actions to provide a new and often revelatory point of view.
Coaching has centered my artistic focus, helped me not waste time and energy on irrelevant tasks, and in doing so has opened up more time to balance my working and personal life in ways that have affected my creativity in a positive way.”
– JP, Canada