How to Jumpstart Your Creative Success: Take the Creative Success Assessment

I am passionate about empowering creative success!  In fact, my mission is to help creative people achieve success so that the world is teeming with creativity.


Because I believe that when we put our passions and talents to work in the service of spreading creativity throughout the world, we are making the world a better place.

The goal of my work with musicians, arts leaders and other creatives is help you cut through the uncertainty of the creative space and find the best way for you to create your success.  Over the years, I have developed a process to help organize creativity that highlights 10 key areas.  The process begins by assessing how well you are doing in each of these areas.

The 10 Areas of Creative Success

Here are the 10 key areas that contribute to creative success:

This Wheel can help you to evaluate how you are doing on the road to creative success. By the way, this is an assessment and not a test so no need to have testing anxiety!

Let’s define each term.  As you read through, make a note of how well this area resonates for you.

Passion: your energy, drive, enthusiasm and sheer love for what you do.

Positivity: doing things or having experiences that give rise to positive emotions to foster greater happiness in our lives, with happiness defined as enjoying something in the moment with optimism for the future.

Growth MindsetThe mindset that views talent and intelligence as the starting points of success, with success being the product of working hard with smart strategies, being willing to take risks, and learning from setbacks.

ValuesThe set of core principles that guide your life.

Strengths & TalentsThe things you do naturally well and which you maximize in order to achieve success.

Purpose:  The intersection of your passions, strengths and your way of serving the world to make the world a better place.

Goal AchievementSetting benchmarks that you achieve within a time period, uncovering the obstacles to creative success (like fear and perfectionism), and taking consistent actions to achieve your goals and overcome your obstacles.

Time ManagementYour ability to prioritize so that you are productively and effectively working toward long-term goals.

Personal BrandYour message of how you are unique and memorable to your target audience, and why they need what you create.

Network and Support TeamConnecting and sharing with the people with whom you are in sync and remaining relevant to each other. Through networking, you create a personal board of directors (or the equivalent) to support you on your creative journey.

FinancesHaving a sustainable financial plan to fund your creative life.

How to Take The Creative Success Assessment

Once you have read through the definitions, rate each area in terms of how important it is to you. Use a scale of 1-10, with 1 being “not important” and 10 being “vitally important.” Think about what you would like to achieve in this area. Write down your statement of your vision for that area.

Next, rate how well you are living this area using the same 1-10 scale.

Look at the gaps between how important an area is and how well you are living it.  Observe the areas with a gap of one point or less.  These are the areas that you are doing well. Great job!  Reflect on what makes it possible for you to excel in this area.

Now, notice the areas where there are bigger gaps.  You have now pinpointed the areas to work on. Think of your rating gaps as opportunities for improvement!

And that’s the beauty of working on your creative success with an organized process:  you identify the areas that you do well to fuel your confidence and motivation and then highlight what you need to work on.

By doing this assessment, you have now taken the first step in working towards your creative success.

Stay tuned for more tips on achieving creative success!