How’d You Get That Music Job Podcast: Career Success for Today’s Music Entrepreneurs

I am thrilled to be on the most recent music job podcast episode of Hey, How’d You Get That Music Job?”, one of the top career podcasts of 2018.  The host is L. Ariel, singer/songwriter/producer of dance synth pop, who hosts a series of podcasts with music industry experts with advice on how to succeed in the music business today.

In this episode, I talk about my own creative career  journey.  Learn how I overcome my perfectionistic mindset, how my coach training taught me that life is a journey to be savored and how Dr. Carol Dweck’s research on the fixed and the growth mindset inspired my own teaching.  I share these lessons with my music students at the Yale School of Music as well as with my clients to help them foster and achieve career and creative success.

We also discussed the opportunities in today’s music field for classically trained musicians who eschew fixed genres and are eager to connect with their peers to develop new audiences for great music.  You will also hear my advice on how to think and act like an innovative entrepreneur and grow beyond the conventional career paths in order to reach untapped markets and new audiences.  Indeed, my message resonates with creative people in all professions. Finally, you will hear about the book I am writing to coach creative people on achieving success!

Thanks, L. Ariel, for the opportunity to share my thoughts with today’s music entrepreneurs on your music job podcast!

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