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As a successful professional who is also a life-long musician and a passionate supporter of the Arts, I bring a unique perspective to coaching creative people. I struggled to find my authentic voice as a pianist and have learned how to overcome perfectionism and self-doubts and enjoy my musical gift. I have also experienced the challenge of finding where music fits into my life and am now able to prioritize among my many activities so that music plays a prominent role alongside my self-care, my family and my work.

I also know the world of the arts from the inside having served as Deputy Executive Director of the French Institute Alliance Française, Chair and Vice-Chair of the American Composers Orchestra, President of Musica Viva of New York, board member of The Acting Company and fundraising volunteer for the Manhattan School of Music.  I am also the Coordinator of Career Strategies and Lecturer on Careers in Music at the Yale School of Music.  I am a resource to help you navigate your way through the challenges present in the evolving landscape of the new economy.

My role in your artistic career

I coach musicians at all levels: conservatory students and professors, performing artists, composers, and private teachers. My role is to be your collaborator as we discover and hone your unique gift to go after the success that you deserve. I am your sounding board and champion as we write the rules for your personal journey and overcome the challenges that might get in the way of your success, including financial concerns, time management, inner fears and doubts and limiting beliefs about what you “should” be doing.


I have helped musicians and artists to achieve success and I can help you to:

  • Define what makes you unique as an artist and how to align your professional and creative projects with your talents
  • Create balance by figuring out what is important to you, what you excel at and what you truly love to do
  • Find personal and professional relationships that bring out your best and support you both creatively and emotionally
  • Overcome limitations from old belief systems and self-doubts about your artistic gifts so that you feel empowered to pursue the artistic projects that you most love
  • Generate new revenue streams through new business ventures as well as through creative expansion of current activities
  • Achieve financial security by getting out of credit card debt, creating new savings and spending habits and maintaining a healthy financial life

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