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Public Speaking For Musician Entrepreneurs: Draw In Your Audience with an Enticing Theme


People love music. It has been around since the early days of human’s existence on the planet and it is not going away. But classical music is under attack for being too elitist, too difficult, too alien to the experience of today’s audiences.  That’s why it is important to find ways to invite audiences into the world of classical music.  …

Public Speaking for Musicians: 3 Steps for Audience Engagement

This spring, I had the honor of appearing on the Chamber Music America First Tuesdays Series to speak about one of my favorite subjects: public speaking for musicians. Public speaking is a vital tool in making music relevant to today’s audiences since it is a way for musicians to share their passion and draw audiences into the wonders of classical music. …

Public Speaking for Musicians: Hook Your Audience by Telling Your Story

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Yesterday, I had the privilege of presenting a webinar at the Chamber Music America First Tuesdays series on Public Speaking for Musicians. I strongly advocate that musicians and arts leaders speak to audiences about music.  Indeed, an effective speech can open up new worlds for our audiences by giving them an insight from the perspective of a trained artist on how he or …