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The Culture File Debate: Missing Audiences

Luke Clancy’s excursion into art, design, music, performance, media, technology and a world of intriguing possibilities. Broadcast weekdays on Lorcan Murray’s Classic Drive on RTÉ Lyric FM. NCH’s Robert Read, audience data specialist, Katy Raines, conductor Mark Wigglesworth and Yale School of Music’s Astrid Baumgardner on what’s happening to audiences in the “post” COVID world.

Creative Careers Podcast for iCadenza: How to Leverage Happiness for Success

I am thrilled to be included in iCadenza’s most recent Creative Careers Podcast. In the Podcast, you will learn about my career path from law to career coaching and music entrepreneurship.  I also discuss my method of coaching wherby I help students and clients discover their values, strengths and passions and learn how to put the pieces together in order …