Creative Careers Podcast for iCadenza: How to Leverage Happiness for Success

I am thrilled to be included in iCadenza’s most recent Creative Careers Podcast.

In the Podcast, you will learn about my career path from law to career coaching and music entrepreneurship.  I also discuss my method of coaching wherby I help students and clients discover their values, strengths and passions and learn how to put the pieces together in order to find purposeful careers.  In addition, you will learn how I use the latest research on happiness and emotional intelligence with my clients and students, along with the trends in today’s music world and what it takes to make it as a freelance musician and artist.  Finally, I discuss my duties as a board member of arts organizations including So Percussion, the American Composers Orchestra and the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum. iCadenza is a terrific organization that empowers independent musicians to create successful careers through expert marketing and branding and entrepreneurship.