Director of Learning and Engagement, OPERA America

[Opera America hired Astrid to lead two workshops for our 2013 Leadership Intensive.]  Astrid’s background in nonprofit management and ongoing work with performing arts organizations meant that she was able to tailor the leadership workshops to the specific needs of opera leaders.

Leading an opera company is increasingly complex and challenging. The workshops hoped to provide opera administrators with a meaningful experience to strengthen their communication and personal leadership styles. Astrid’s approach gave participants the tools to effect change, set goals and priorities, manage staff more effectively, and stay empowered.

Astrid put a lot of time and thought into her presentation to tailor her material to the challenges of the opera world. Her presentations all drew from real work scenarios and action-oriented frameworks, which illustrated her most important point: “As leaders, you have options.”  Following her guidance through a self-assessment, she offered tangible ways to manage stress and understand the people they work with. One highlight of her presentation was visualizing your ideal leader, and meditating on a time when you have achieved a sense of “flow.”  These are exercises that the participants can use well into the future to tap into their best selves.  Her presentations truly anchored the program

Astrid’s indefatigable positive energy and tangible examples, made her workshops engaging and useful.  She made a great effort to learn about the participants ahead of time, so that her information and message were sure to hit home for group.

— Leah D. Wilson, New York, NY