Associate at Boutique NYC Law Firm

The results of our weekly sessions surpassed all expectations.  In concrete terms, within five months I obtained a new job that permits me to continue being a lawyer – a career path that I was on the verge of quitting despite years of education and hard work – while honoring my values, interests, and creativity and making a good living:  a combination I never thought possible as an attorney in private practice in NYC.  Astrid’s probing questions and value-oriented exercises played a significant role in giving me the focus and courage to identify and pursue my new legal career.

But perhaps more significant are the less visible, more internal results.  By emphasizing values, strengths, core emotions, and interests, rather than diving headfirst into a job search, Astrid helped me to recognize the aspects of my job and career trajectory that did not align with my authentic self and were responsible for my dissatisfaction.  We not only talked about ways to make my job more inspiring in the near term, but also explored alternative career choices, both in and out of the law.  Throughout, Astrid’s genuineness and empathy made me feel at ease, while she also challenged me to use my creativity to prioritize my desires in career and life.

—Anna L., New York, NY