Executive Director, Opera Memphis

I was introduced to Astrid’s method by way of prep work to be done ahead of session two of a two-part leadership intensive. Having participated in a number of trainings and intensives, I came into the workshop with a commitment to being “open”, but also expecting a little more of the same thing, packaged in a different wrapper. What I found within five minutes of the workshop was a feeling of excitement, enthusiasm, and engagement as Astrid began the process of guiding the group through a dynamic two day presentation of leadership training.

For me, the most compelling aspect of the workshop was how Astrid was able to keep the energy of the group alive and cover so much ground simultaneously. The rhythm and balance of content were perfectly orchestrated and the mood stayed light-hearted, jovial, and yet focused.  Astrid is bold, inspiring, and provokes a deeper consideration for the self and for those we work with as a team.

My hope for the workshop was to gain a better understanding about myself as a leader, colleague, and participant in the realization of a collective community vision. I left knowing much more about how I communicate, areas in which I can improve, and ways I can use my strengths to leverage opportunities for myself and others. Astrid”s confidence and ability to challenge me in a professional and philosophical way has increased my value as both a director and as a person.

Jen Bradner, Memphis, TN